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We started building Facebook Bots out of passion for our platforms

Trialled & Tested

Trialled & Tested

We started building Facebook Chatbots to provide a better user experience across our So Media Group platforms. Now we have numerous trialled and tested Chatbot builds and strategies that will work for your business.

Importance of Data

Importance of Data

We understand the importance of data and each Chatbot is build to deliver data-rich touchpoints for the client all while automating the data capture process.

Built to Engage

Built to Engage

We specialise in building communities and our Chatbots are built to engage. Capture emails, deliver news, run a quiz, send timely alerts, automate FAQ responses in real-time and much more.

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Browse our collection and try some of the Facebook Chatbots we have recently built.
  • - Event registration
  • - Adventure World
  • - Esperance Road Trip
  • - So Perth - Competition
  • - City Guide For City of Vincent
  • - So Perth - Christmas Lights Bot

Facebook Chatbot Pricing

Facebook Bots just became affordable. With custom builds starting from $1,500 your business can now jump in. Ready to go templates are coming soon.


Starting from

Custom-built Facebook Chatbot solution for your business, including Bot workflow, setup, build and backend automation.




We only charge for the users you reach and engage with a monthly hosting fee of $0.03c per user. ie 10,000 users would equal $300.



Email list builder, events, small business, venue, eCommerce, competitions and many more templates coming soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With over 1.4 Billion monthly active users worldwide and over 20 Billion messages being sent between users and business, now is the time to think about how you can best leverage AI, automation and direct marketing to further improve your business.

What platform do you use?

We can build your Facebook Chatbot in either ManyChat or Chatfuel which are the 2 leading Facebook Chat Bot platforms.

Do you provide management options?

We provide Chatbot management options based on the Chatbot requirements. During the custom build process we will provide a quote for on-going management.

Will I have access to the Chat Bot?

As a page admin, we can give you access to the Chatbot build if required, however, we don't recommend making any changes without checking in with us first.

If we don't require the Chatbot anymore what happens?

We can simply unlink the Chatbot from the page allowing your page to go back to a normal Messenger experience.

Will I still be able to reply to users?

Ideally, we will be able to reduce the need for you to manually reply to users through Messenger. However, if the automated FAQ doesn't answer the user's question they can start a chat with the page admin just like a normal.

How do you automate data collected from the Chatbot?

We automate data collection through secure Google Sheets which can then be fed into your CRM automated through further tasks via platforms such as Zapier.

Do I need to do anything to install the Chatbot?

All we need is admin access to the Facebook page and we will then take care of the rest.

Are Chatbots available on Instagram and WhatsApp?

They aren't available just yet, however, ManyChat and Chatfuel have setup Beta Testing programs which will be available this year.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: [email protected]

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